This herbalstamp massage is a healing ritual with delightful fragrances.


Herbalstamp massage or Pantai Luar originates from Southeast Asia, where it is has been used for a long time.A herbalstamp consists of a specific composition of medicinal herbs in a cotton or linen bag, having the size of a fist, with a stem to hold.


The herbalstamp is warmed by steam. By contacting the body with short heat stimuli  the energy points of the body are activated and the cell regeneration is put in action.The herbalstamps alternate with a relaxing massage. The medicinal herbs are absorbed through the skin into the body.The ingredients also nourish the skin. The skin becomes smoother, more resilient and rejuvenates itself.


Herbalstamps have both a relaxing and activating effect. By the special blend of herbs, the blood circulation and metabolism are activated and a mild detoxification takes place. Muscles and joints become more flexible. In addition, the herbal ingredients, especially in combination with the treatment, have a calming effect.





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Herbalstamp Massage