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Terra magica- la Gomera- laurel didgeridoo 2
Terra Magica - la Gomera- laurel didgeridoo3

Heartful on La Gomera handmade didgeridoos


Made with natural oils and nature pigments from the island.

Offers and prices on demand. Click on the pictures to see them larger

Terra Magica- La Gomera- laurel didgeridoo 4

Laurel didgeridoo natural Tone C

Terra Magica- La Gomera- Didgeridoo cochenea 4

Haya didgeridoo with face, plays meditative. Nickname Ganesh, Tone D Mayor

Terra Magica- La Gomera- Didgeridoo cochenea

Canary mahagony didgeridoo painted with cocheneal, can be played fast and a lot of harmonics. Elegant design.Tone E   


Warm didg painted with Gomera Pigment, meditative, voices come very well. The wood is an art of willow which grows on la Gomera Tone C

Didg painted with pigment and cactus lause. Voices come excelent, strong base, a lot of volume. Wood  is an art of willow which grows on la Gomera. Ton C mayor

Haya didg deep B warm and meditative with impressive voices and nice harmonics.

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Haya didg with special mouthpiece. Has a strong base and plays loud Ton  E minor

Haya didg Ton D  a very good didg for all uses with fantastic harmonics , for advanced and beginners as well !