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Workshops and all my offers are available upon request
Massageworkshops can be adapted to personal needs also in regard of day(s) and timeschedule.

Workshop dance and massage, one week on the gorgious canary island La Gomera.

The workshops includes 9 hours teaching, of both, dance and  massage a daytrip and half daytrip to discover and experience the really beautiful nature of La Gomera. ( and a lovely home cooked meal).

The workshop takes places 12-19 March 2016 and 2-9 April 2016
Price 390:- Euro   By paying 100 Euro deposit your reservation is confirmed.

Maximum 9 participants
Hester, therapist for natural medicine, massage and psychodynalmical energywork
Antje, dancer, healthcare practitioner for psychotherapy, respiratory therapist.

Contact : Hester  Email info@terra-magica.net   Tel 0034 634 37 98 31
               Antje   Email Zinagebhardt@web.de  Tel 0034 64 333 15 99

Massage Workshop:  Giving one another a massage is a wonderful experience. Massage relaxes, revitalises and also relieves pain.
By promoting the free harmonious flow of energy the self-healing capacity of the body is activated and enhanced. It helps to harmonise body and soul and makes you feel at ease with yourself.
During this course you will learn the primary techniques for a good massage.
Some of the techniques I teach like the acupressure, are also used in the Chinese massage. Some feetreflexology will be included. By practising on each other we experience the giving and in the same time  by receiving, we sense the effect of the massage techniques

At the end we make our own massageoil with lovely smelling essential oils.

Dance Workshop To love and honor the bodies temple, to sense and feel the body, alive and full of joy and to dance from your inner divine core.

Several body exercises enable us to fully sense our body. We use this body awareness when we start making oriental dance movements, leading to a flowing dance acompanied by the inviting sound of inspiring oriental muscic. Without choreoagraphy.

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