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Come back in harmony with youself

Healing means to become whole or healthy again.
This means in harmony with yourself and with the outer world.
When you are ill or do not feel well your inner balance is disturbed.
You are not in harmony.

We all have a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energyfield with its own vibrationsfrequency. All fields other connected and influence each other. If there is a disharmony, by internal or external circumstances, there are complaints. This disturbance can show itself  just on one level for example as physical complant or on several levels. However always all levels will be involved.

By hands on healing and especially through unconditional love and positive intention the energyfield  and its vibrations will be synchronized again. You are back in harmony, relaxed, in the flow, more conscious about yourself, get new insights and inspiration and creativity and intuition are enhanced.

As a mild stimulation I also use sometimes tibetan singing bowels and archaic tones to promote the selfhealing capacities and to restore the balance.

In addition the healing transforming energy of La Gomera is very suitable to support and intergrate a healing.

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